PrydeWorX Projects

You can find general information on all PrydeworX projects. These are the projects that I associate the PrydeWorX idea with.

However, I will only list a project here, that already got its own describing page. Therefore this page might look a lot emptier than you expected. At least for now.


Elogind is the systemd project’s “logind”, extracted out to be a standalone daemon.
It integrates with PAM, supports the standard org.freedesktop.login1 D-Bus interface, and the systemd’s standard /run/systemd layout.

I have taken over maintenance of elogind from Andy Wingo in late 2016, and am migrating upstream commits from the systemd project since then. Furthermore I maintain a set of changes unique to elogind.

elogind is hosted on github:
Besides blogging here, I also tweet about progress using the hashtag #elogind.

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