German Is Dead

German is Dead!

I have removed the Polylang and LocoTranslate plugins. The German translations are gone for good from the PrydeWorX page. Although the “Legal Disclosure” (Impressum) and “Privacy Policy” (Datenschutzerklärung) remain. It is a lot of work to build, feed and maintain such a site. And as long as I have to work full time in a […]

Old lamp in the trees

x11-misc/bumblebee-9999-r4 fixed!

I have pushed a new revision r4 of the bumblebee live ebuild to my seden overlay. The background is an email from Tom “Opafix” Crossley I received yesterday. Tom works on a Gentoo wiki page about the configuration and usage of Bumblebee.Some of the knowledge added to this wiki page comes from my seden overlay. […]