elogind-239.2 released!

Sunset on the Beach

This is the second release of the v239 series, which includes several fixes and some new features. Please see below for issues fixed and features added in elogind-239.2.


  • linux/stat.h is no longer included, if sys/stat.h already defines struct statx. (#84)
  • rename -Ddebug to -Ddebug-extra to no longer clash with newer versions of meson.
  • Fixed tests running on systems with non-UTF-8 locales. (#85)
  • Fixed building with -Dselinux=true (#88)
  • Fixed signal registration failure (#90)
  • Fixed a bug that could cause a SIGABRT when linked against glibc-2.27 (#92)
  • Removed invalid check against systemd providing PID 1. (#93)
  • Check process name of possibly stale PID file (#94)

Changes / Additions

  • zram devices are now excluded from hibernation candidates
  • Add options to make suspend/poweroff interruptable. (#72)
  • Add an own qsort_r() variant to support building against libc variants that
    do not provide one. (#83)
  • busctl is shipped with elogind now. (#86)
  • User bus instances are supported now. (#87)
  • pam_elogind: drop setting DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS
    Since D-Bus 1.9.14 (2015-03-02) dbus looks in $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR/bus for the system bus on its own, hence we can finally drop setting this
    environment variable. gdbus since glib 2.45.3 (June 2015) also supports it.
  • Update README, we have an #elogind channel on freenode now. (#91)
  • Set user_stop_delay to 0 – it is not needed. (#95)


Big thanks to everybody helping to find and fix the listed issues! Without all of your great help, elogind-239.2 wouldn’t have been release this soon.

You are awesome!

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